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Tailored vehicle refinancing options

Refinancing a car couldn't be easier. We provide vehicle re finance and funding.

What does refinancing a car involve?

Car refinancing is the process of taking out a new finance agreement to pay off the outstanding balance on an existing car finance loan, usually with a new lender.


What if you aren't wanting to hand the car back? 

What if you haven't got the money to pay the balloon payment?

Want to reduce your monthly re payments?

Click below for further information.

Can refinancing help if I haven't got the balloon payment funds?

To aid cash flow and prevent a big bill we can look to re finance the balloon payment when it’s due.


This leaves you free to carry on driving your pride and joy with a new agreement in place. It may also reduce your monthly repayment.

Transferring your car finance to one of our funders could help you lower your monthly repayments or spread the cost of a final lump sum payment.


Why refinance your car with Niche Vehicle Funding? customers can switch their current PCP or HP car finance from elsewhere to us by getting an online quote, that won’t affect your credit score.


You can then choose to switch to either Personal contract purchase (PCP) or Hire purchase with a balloon (HP + Balloon) with us.

One benefit of refinancing could be that you find a car loan with lower monthly repayments. If you’re struggling to make your repayments or need more disposable income, there’s no need to wait until the end of your agreement. You could swap to a loan with cheaper monthly repayments and a longer repayment period instead.

What if I want to keep my car under contract hire and not hand it back?

Some contract hire funders will offer a purchase price at the end of the contract.


We can offer you a tailored funding option to enable you to purchase the car.

Whether you’re looking to get a better deal, to reduce your monthly repayments or finance a balloon payment, we could help, Click let's Chat below, alternatively complete the enquiry form for further information and to request a quotation.

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